- More than 300 grams of antibodies/kilogram (>30%)

- Solubility scores high

- Made from 1st milk colostrum

- Disease-free rearing (think of CAE and para)


- Colostrum from own mother is better

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298,70 tax excl.
325,58 tax incl.

  • 750 gram
  • 1500 gram
  • 3000 gram

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Product information
CapraCol® is a colostrum substitute (additional milk replacer) and made from colostrum from the first milking. This colostrum contains a high level of antibodies and many other components which contribute to the overall health of your lambs and goat kids. These components include lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozyme.

Growth factors are also included which ensure healthy growth and development. CapraCol® is enriched with fructooligosaccharides to support the intestinal tract. CapraCol® provides increased immunity through the long-term passive immunisation of goat kids and lambs.

Colostrum (first milking), fructooligosaccharides.

Analytical composition
Raw protein >70%, immunoglobulins (Ig) >30%, fat 2,8%, minerals 6%, moisture <3%, fibre 0%.

Target animal
Goat kids and sheep lamb.

Recommended usage
Dissolve 75 grams of CapraCol® per animal in 225 ml water at a temperature of between 43 to 45°C. Mix well and feed lambs or kids directly after birth in the first 6 hours of life, possibly in two doses.

CapraCol® should be stored in a dry place and in the original packaging.

Arts Food Products BV
EU approval number: NL500377.
GMP+ number: GMP006558.