Capron Plus

Capron Plus is an energy-rich supplement to milk-powder with a prebiotic and anti-oxidative effect. Capron Plus reduces acidity within the intestine; this promotes bowel function, stimulates intestinal development and contributes to an improved immunity

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Product information
Capron Plus consists of short and medium-long chain fatty acids and prebiotics. Fatty acids ensure that the composition of gut microflora is optimal and also contribute to an improved bowel function. These short-chain fatty acids can also be immediately absorbed into the liver via the intestinal wall and portal vein. These fatty acids are an important source of energy for the liver.

The benefits of Capron Plus are:
1. Lower intestinal acidity levels;
2. Microflora optimization; increased populations of healthy bacteria and reduced populations of pathogenic bacteria;
3. Improved bowel function;
4. Short-chain fatty acids are a direct energy source for goat kids.

The added prebiotics are a source of nutrition for healthy bacteria. This improves healthy bacteria population growth and development and helps towards the formation of a mucous membrane (mucosa) that lies against the inside of the intestinal wall. A thick mucous layer provides better intestinal wall protection against the absorption of potentially harmful substances.

Short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, fructo-oligosaccharides, dextrose, fructose, sucrose. Additive: 3a300 ascorbic acid.

Target animal
Goat kids

Capron Plus is recommended for newly born goat kids to support bowel function and improve immunity.

Instructions for use
From the first day of life up to and including the 14th day add 2 grams per animal per day to the colostrum and milk powder or 1 gram per animal per day for the first 28 days of life.

Capron Plus is not associated with any side effects.

Keep Capron Plus cool, dry and in the original packaging.

1 kg or 2 kg bucket of Capron Plus. Enough to fully treat 35 or 70 kids.