CarboVet® Gel Package Deal

Especially for the large-scale consumer, we have made a package containing 6 x CarboVet 300 ml and 1 x CarboVet Applicator.

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Product description:
CarboVet® is manufactured using a unique heating process in which organic materials are heated to a temperature of between 550 and 600 °C. This process occurs in the complete absence of oxygen, carbon dioxide and steam. Within the organic material pore structures, unique to this process, are formed. These pores are 2 to in excess of 50 nm wide. This means that every gram of product has a binding surface area of 180-220 m2.

The pathological and toxic compounds of bacteria (endotoxins) and moulds (mycotoxins) bind to this significantly increased surface area. Bonds can be either be formed through particle Van de Waals interactions (physical adsorption) or chemically (chemisorption). Endotoxins usually undergo physical adsorption, and mycotoxins chemisorption.

Directions for use:
1. Place the tube in the specially-designed application gun
2. Hold the animal’s head, keeping the nose pointed slightly upwards
3. Position the tube opening at the back of the throat, resting the tube body on the mid-line of the tongue
4. Pull the applicator trigger (1 pull delivers 15 ml). Approx. 1 ml per 2 kg body weight.

Water (64%), activated oak-wood charcoal (32%), sodium chloride (0.75%), potassium chloride (0.32%), raw protein (0%), crude fat (0%), carbohydrate (0%), crude cellulose (20.8%), ash (2.5%), sodium propionate (E281), aromas and appetite stimulators.

Recommended for:
The first indications of diarrhoea.

Keep cool. Optimum storage temperature: 5 - 25⁰C.

- To be administered at the first indications of diarrhoea
- Not to be administered to sick or weak animals
- Administer morning and evening over the course of 2 – 3 days.

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